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Most agencies spend time talking about impressions, clickthrough rates, and all the intangibles.

We don’t care about things like that. The only thing we care about is the return on your investment.

How many prospects do you have coming into your business?

How can you get more leads knocking on your doors?

How do you increase the lifetime value of your customers?

And how do you make more sales?

Explore the revenue and keep a high-profit margin.

The answers to these questions are what matters to us, and it’s exactly what we help our clients answer.

Every single day we talk to businesses and they often tell us how they spend an enormous amount of money creating websites, brochures, or even buying social media followers to make them look nice before potential clients.

Stories like this break our hearts.

Not so long ago, a particular company’s marketing director told us how they spend as much as $10,000 monthly on marketing without any traceable return on investment.

Look, marketing is supposed to be an investment, not an expense.

You invest $1 in, and you get $3 or more out.

That’s exactly what marketing is supposed to do.

And once you understand marketing this way, you will instantly become the biggest threat to your competitors, even if they are ten times bigger than you.

One of the biggest mistakes most business owners make on their marketing materials like their websites is to talk so much about their products and services and never get to talk about their clients.

Look, the customer doesn’t care about how nice your office looks or how smart you look.

All they care about is themselves.

They want to know how your products and services can make their lives better.

That’s all they’re interested in.

So before you ever do anything, your number one task is to go out there and get marketers and copywriters who know how to use direct response marketing to turn total strangers into wallet-ready premium buyers.

Every time we speak with a prospective client, we imagine that business as if it was our own business.

We start by looking for the low-hanging fruits that will make a difference to the bottom line almost immediately.

Do we get more traffic?

What channel should we use?

Should we recreate the offers or raise the price points?

Whatever decision we decide to take is backed by solid data, not feelings or emotions.

Data is the ultimate Compass that guides our decision.

Our goal is to go to that channel that can give you a prospective prospect more revenue in the quickest way possible.

That’s exactly what we do every single day at Wealth Ideas Agency.

We are in the trenches on the frontline of digital marketing for the past 15 years, doing the actual work, sweating out.

And that way we know exactly what works and why.

We know what it’s like to start a business from scratch.

Because we started with just one person, and today we are over 35.

We manage millions of dollars of advertising budgets for our clients.

So when a client comes to us, we fully understand the weight of the marketing decision.

That’s why all we care about is how can they get a return on their investment.

We are all about how can we set up a system to put in $1 of advertising, spend and get $3, $5 or more out.

The only thing that matters to us is revenue and most importantly high-profit margin.

We are in the business of growing and building businesses.

The question we get asked most of the time is how are we different?

Unlike most agencies out there who care about intangible things like click-through rates and impressions.

We are all about how much money you put into your marketing and how much are you getting out.

The only thing that matters to us is the return on investment.

We are Wealth Ideas Agency. Your Growth is our growth.

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My passion lies in helping business owners and marketing professionals discover a better way to attract clients.

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Chris Anthony

My passion lies in helping business owners and marketing professionals discover a better way to attract clients.